Our Mission

Founded in February 2010, the primary goal of the Magnolia Educational Enrichment Foundation is to further enhance, advance, and expand upon the excellent educational opportunities for Magnolia School District Students through community involvement endeavors, grants, fundraising, and business partnerships.

Our Programs

★ Literacy Development and Enrichment
★ 21st Century Technology Programs
★ Hands-on Science Enrichment
★ Visual and Performing Arts
★ Health, Fitness and Physical Education


Our Three Goals

To raise academic achievement and meet the specialized needs of all the students
★ Funding innovative and creative academic projects and programs
★ Supporting incoming Kindergarten students to ensure early success

To promote and enhance student development through enrichment programs
★ Fostering student excellence in visual and performing arts
★ Providing funding for creative and engaging enrichment programs
★ Cultivating positive student leadership
★ Providing hands-on learning experiences in the classroom and beyond

To create a strong bond between Foundation, District, schools, and community
★ Building awareness of MEEF and Magnolia School District programs within the community
★ Fostering partnerships within the local community
★ Providing ample opportunities for individuals and organizations to make a difference in the lives of thousands of children in the West Anaheim Community